Our First Met At PLKN

Oh baby YOU are REALLY SUDDENLY come into my life. You are my happiness. You send a kiss to erase my sadness, a hug to make me smile, a smile to cheer me up, and I, I have a heart to say that I love you, I just fall in love with you! Started from that day when you wrote a letter for me. You know what, I did feel something. Something that I've never felt before. I think I like you. But, we're just so a stranger and I guess, it will never ever can be. It will never be. Ya, so I try to ignore that weird feelings. It was something a kind like that I have never had in my life time. I can’t forget the hour and every moments with you. Then I have realized, love is growing deep inside. I feel the beating of my heart. I know the world is mine. You're mine, finally!

Renno…There is no words that can describe the way these things had happened, the words I love you, its our indescribable love story. And now I believe, if it is meant to be it will be :) Your in my heart and will forever, I have locked you in my heart, and the key I threw into deep sea where no one find and no one can separate us. But if there is anyone who ask me what I see in you, I'll smile, look down and say nothing because I don’t want them to fall in love with you too. I won't let you go as long as you don't let me go. You're only can be mine. Hahah I’m not telling you that I’m the perfect one for you but I’m telling you that I’m the one who will do the best to make you happy, by God's willingness. I always spends my days and nights just thinking of you, how you make me wanna smile with the things that you do, I always smile for no reasons on that. And I started to think that you are the guy that I am looking for. You mean the world to me. Your love curls my heart. You makes me feel like I am great because you seems to glow rays of love more than any guys I have met. But I'm still wondering, living with you, will it one day be true? I wanna being in your arms, feeling safe with no harm. Feeling happy as we will be. Sleeping by your side. But, what if I loose you? You know there is nothing will ever come true…You're the beats of my heart and its impossible I can live a life without it. All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name. LOVE. And I get it back today. Thanks Jesus!